A Night In With Friends – Thursday May 20th – Starting at 5:00pm

The social event of the season! We are offering a “prepared purchase” option where we will do the grocery shopping for you.

For $30.00 you can order a meal pack with enough ingredients for a meal for four people. Proceeds of the sale of these meal packs will be donated to the PWRDF for their Global Covid-19 outreach response.

Meal kits will be available for pick-up Wednesday May 19th at your local church building. Details will follow for those who opt to purchase their ingredient packs.

Otherwise, recipe and shopping lists will be sent out before Sunday for those needing to make it to their local grocery store.

Here is the link to register for A Night In With Friends: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Vp8LiloLNxeDCCXgL6ifFTDfOO5-l7qIkQbtzUVKNrk/viewform?edit_requested=true

Your intrepid clergy team will gather us in and outline the evening. Your hosts: Rev Elise, Rev Robert, Rev Sharla, and Rev Paul.

Rev Robert will share a new favourite of his: The mar-TEA-ni ( also offering a mocktail version) cocktail/mocktail.

Step-by-step Rev Sharla will walk us all through preparing our pre-planned dinner using the ingredients we’ve packaged and provided to each participant. Once our recipe is ready for it, we’ll pop it in the oven to cook, while we move to the next step of our evening together. Dietary restrictions will be considered and adjusted for.

While our dinner cooks join Rev Elise for some “Jeopardy” fun. rush up on your Bible hymnal and general trivia to try and win your bragging rights.

Get the table set! Bring your device to the table and join your new and old friends from “The Sent” as we share our meals together.

And now it’s time to sing!! Join Jonathon and Rev Paul as we share some time of music – hymn tunes and a few secular favourites, too.

And the winner is…Maybe some bragging rights? Maybe a real prize? We’ll reveal the winners and award our prize for the day!

How to sign up…Let us know you’re joining us by sending an email to: [email protected] or contact your rector today!