New Canadian Skaters

Skate lending volunteers: L-R Art Roth, Georg Lukow, Jamie Bridge, Eric Davidson, Gordon Haggert, Guy Jolin Cr Eric Davidson

The Ice Skates program collects and lends skates for the day or the season to anyone who asks.

All Saints’ Church skate lending program:

Skate availability will coincide with ice time availability at the city’s arenas and outdoor rinks.  To learn more about ice availability call 311.
Here is the availability of skates as of March 7, 2022
Skate lending at All Saints’ Church has come to the end of the season. We are now accepting the return of borrowed skates on Saturday mornings from 10 am to noon. Skates can be returned to the same ​place from which you borrowed them. All going well we will be back in December to lend once again. 
  1. Skates are available to groups which have a skating date at any of the arenas, both city and private. Leaders only to pick up skates.  Call All Saints’ Church at 519 253 8001 to make your request.
 2.  Skates for individuals will be available on Saturday mornings between 10 am and noon at the church when public skating is offered again by the Parks and Recreation Department.
Double vaccination for Covid 19 is mandatory for people over the age of 12 to access the skate lending room at the church. Room capacity will be limited to current health authority mandates and masks must be worn.
FREE SMALL SKATES. We have a surplus of small hockey and figure skates to give away while supplies last. These will be available when public skating resumes on Saturday mornings. We have children’s sizes 10, 11 , 12 and 13, plus youth sizes 1,2,3,4.
WANTED. Donations of hockey skates sizes 5 and up.  Please bring them to the church skate room on Saturday mornings when it reopens or the church office 9am to noon, Monday to Thursday.   (330 City Hall Square West, Windsor)

We will accept the return of borrowed skates from past seasons when it is safe to do so. Please contact the office to set up a time.

We are grateful for the gift of time from our community partners, the generous donations of money to fund our program, and skate sharpening by local skate shops.

Planning a special skating event but need more skates for your group? We can help! Call the church office at 519 253 8001 (9 to noon, Mon to Fri) and leave a message for the skate-lending crew.