New Canadian Skaters

Skate lending volunteers: L-R Art Roth, Georg Lukow, Jamie Bridge, Eric Davidson, Gordon Haggert, (the late and missed) Guy Jolin Cr Eric Davidson

All Saints’ Church skate lending program.







Updated January 3, 2024

The All Saints’ church skate program         2023/24

  • Due to a shrinking inventory and increased demand, large size skates sizes 7 and up will be restricted to a one week borrowing period. Children’s sizes (6 and under) may still be borrowed for longer periods but must be returned by the end of February.

We welcome the public to the church’s skate room on Saturday mornings from 10am to noon from the first Saturday in December to the end of February. Come to the doors on the south side of the complex, the doors facing city hall. Borrowers will receive individual attention to ensure a good fit in a welcoming, inclusive environment thanks to our volunteers.  We welcome new volunteers to work with us to ensure everyone has a good experience with this some times anxious but always exciting time getting ready to enjoy the winter outdoors on ice. Introduce yourself if interested on Saturday mornings.

Groups may arrange to borrow skates by calling 519 253 8001 Mon to Thurs, mornings

Trying on Skates

As a gift to the Windsor and area community ice skates are available to borrow by individuals and groups. From six pairs of children’s skates in 2002 the collection now numbers in the hundreds in all sizes both in hockey and figure skate styles. The skates are kept sharp with our new in-house sharpener. We constantly replenish the inventory with donations of skates from individuals and through purchases at thrift stores by generous donors.

We need more large skates, mostly hockey skates.

We have a surplus of the small sizes which are available to the public free of charge during our normal lending times in December, January and February.

We welcome borrowers to skate anywhere they can find ice. The city of Windsor Parks and Recreation department provides information on-line about where the rinks are located with times of use, costs and ice rink programming.The Charles Clark Square ice rink is no longer in use but there are plans to build a new rink in front of city hall sometime in the near future.The church skate program is currently sponsoring free ice time at the Lanspeary Park outdoor rink on Tuesday evenings from 5pm to 6pm for those wanting to learn how to skate at one end of the rink (helmets required) and for those wanting to improve their skating skills at the other end. Skating skills will be led by leaders of the Knobby’s Kids free hockey program. * Then from 6 to 7 pm the rink is open to the public at no charge.

The leaders of groups are welcome to borrow a quantity of skates for their special event. Groups in the past have included those from elementary and high schools, college and university groups, scouts,guides, birthday, family and corporate groups, and groups from faith,ethnic and indigenous communities. Arrangements are made over the telephone starting with the church office at 519 253 8001 Monday to Thursday mornings. The program coordinator will discuss your needs and arrange a date with you to come to the skate room to pick up skates and arrange a date for returning them.

To borrow our skates is free and we love to see you doing this for yourself and those in your care. But we do have some expenses. If you can leave us a donation that will help us keep up the work.

Register for “learn to skate”  via [email protected]

Learn more about “free hockey for kids” at [email protected]

Information about skating in Windsor can be found at “

The church skate room also has printed information about free skating times and places.


Three people in the skate lending room at All Saints'. Two women are from ''Thaqalayn Muslim Association"

Art Roth lends 50 skates to two guests from ‘Thaqalayn Muslim Association







Group of students from St Anne's Elementary School on our skates

grade 8 students form St. Anne elementary school at Lanspeary Park rink