How is your Lenten journey proceeding? 

Are you allowing  yourself the time you need to make this season one of enrichment for you?  Perhaps things began smoothly, but the desired routine was interrupted somewhere along the way.  If so, begin again … don’t give up.  That is one of the aspects of Christian spirituality that I truly love.  We begin again and again and again, not as failures, but as those who try to follow Jesus. 


Sometimes we plan activities or types of prayer that do not really work in the way we had imagined.  So what?  Move on to something else.  I enjoy many different types of praying.  When I am feeling rushed or over-whelmed with my responsibilities I settle back into our good old BAS daily office of morning and evening prayer.  Those simple, plain liturgies are rather like oatmeal for me.  Sometimes boring, but always sustaining.  Nonetheless, I know my relationship with God, therefore neighbour, depends on contemplative prayer.  I often pray that I will pray contemplatively more often!  Silly isn’t it?  Rather than praying about it, I should simple do it!  This month of March, we are offering weekly contemplative prayer times – Thursdays at Noon.  Come try it out!


In good weather, I enjoy praying on a long walk, my body in a sound rhythm allowing my mind to open to God’s presence.  Labyrinth prayer can be spiritually rich.  Lectio Divina, the practice of praying through the reading of a bible passage, is another method of prayer that many people enjoy.  I know some who describe delightful responses through meditating on a bible story. This year we have offered little booklets written by the famous Joan Chittister for daily reflection.  Still a few left if you’re interested.  They’re good all year ’round.


There are many ways to draw closer to God.  Lent gives us the time and the reason to find our way along the spiritual path.  Looking for some help or suggestions?  Give me a call or email [email protected].