All Saints’ Anglican Church, beginning Sunday March 17 @ 6pm, will host a scripture study by and for LGBTQ+ Christians and allies. We are all called to “read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest” the scriptures. Making meaning from the scriptures has historically been difficult for faithful and queer Christians, as these same scriptures have been wielded as weapons in the attacks that have been endured.  David Carle will lead us into the scriptures in a way that is sensitive to the participants as traditionally marginalized Christians, while also not avoiding close examination and contextualization of the historically problematic passages, images, and themes.
About David Carle:
Raised in a deeply committed farming family in Free Church traditions in Princeton, Maine, David Carle has been actively engaged in church life his entire life. Both as a staff musician and as a layperson, he has vigorously participated in churches in New England, the American South, Maritimes Canada, Québec, Michigan, and Ontario.  Though he knew himself to be gay from early childhood, he tried to change that for many years. He attended a conservative Protestant college in Massachusetts, where he met and married his wife, received a DMA in Church Music from a Baptist seminary in the American South, and taught for a decade at a Baptist college in eastern Canada, always resigning himself to  enduring this “affliction”.  He began coming out of the closet in 2005, in his mid-fifties.  Since then, life has become infinitely more complicated, and infinitely better.  He is married — again — to the mother of his two children, both sons, each of whom is married with a son.  He is as active as he can be at All Saints Anglican Church in Windsor, Ontario, while serving as staff musician in a NOT-gay-friendly church in Michigan.