Yesterday morning, I had so much fun trying to explain to the children that Jesus would greet them saying ‘Peace be with you’ rather than something like ‘How are you today?’  Our Lord’s words reminds me very much of some of my Sudanese friends’ greeting ‘How is your family?’  Our words offer hospitality to those we meet.  Jesus greets us with the deep peace that God brings and my friends greet me with concern for my children and husband. 


I wonder who I might meet today?  Who will God put in my path this sunny Monday morning?  I pray that I will not be overly distracted by tasks and will notice them, greeting them with a smile, taking the time to pause and share the blessing of this day with them. 


I wonder how many human exchanges are lost because we said hello as we kept walking by.  Reminds me of the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, ‘I’m late, I’m late for a very important date!’  How much, O Lord, of you do we miss?


I pray that I will calmly breathe in the wonder of creation blowing through the trees outside my office window.  I pray that I will take time to walk along the river later today, hopefully before the sun hides behind the promised clouds.  I pray that the people I meet today will experience in me the respect, care, and concern God wants us to share with one another.

What is your prayer this day?