Drive-Thru Food Drive May 2021 edition

Supporting: “The Birthday Project Windsor”

We are asking for special donations of cake mixes, icings, candles, sprinkles, streamers, party hats, and disposable cake pans, if you’re able.

Blank birthday cards would also be greatly appreciated.

HOWEVER…All food items will accepted!

This food drive is part of the joint online ministries of: All Saints Downtown, St Augustine of Canterbury, St James Roseland, Southern Trinity Parish

The Sent: God’s Church Deployed

Our pick-up date: Sunday, May 30, 2021

Noon-12:30 All Saints Downtown

1:00-1:30pm St Augustine of Canterbury

2:00-2:30pm St James Roseland

Any non-birthday food items and monetary donations will support the Unemployed Help Centre

Here is the link to the event info on facebook: food drive