Here is information about the online streaming in two formats:

Here is the link for worship for this evening that you will need to click on to get to Facebook Live for 7:00pm.

This link should get you to our service.  Once again we will have people online with you, including me, in the comment section of the YouTube and Facebook events at about 6:50pm to answer questions or to respond to your thoughts and prayers.  We can’t wait to see you at worship, hopefully you can join us.

There will be a change for this evening … you will actually be watching the worship event in a new format, as we connect to YouTube for worship tonight.  Something we are testing for Easter Sunday.
Go to our Facebook Page the same as usual, but when you get there you can find a link to our YouTube event.  
Even better, if you’re not NEEDING to go to Facebook, just click the link below and it will take you directly to YouTube for our worship.  
Going to YouTube before 6:45pm will result in nothing more than an error message, the video won’t be released until 7;00pm with a bit of prep time before we start.

Please see the link below for the documents you will need to be able to read along with us at worship tonight as we offer evening prayers.