The psalms are such a human part of the bible.  What I mean by that is that many of them reflect human emotions – some are very intense, but nonetheless human.  Many of the psalms sing praises to God (or king)!  Others are a journey from anger, hurt, lament to something more positive.  Our lectionary, the resources used to determine which bible readings we use for worship, can avoid the angry words.  I guess they’re not very ‘Christian’!  Thing is, I know many Christians that know what anger, hurt, and disappointment feel like.  They need to be invited to lament.  The psalms give us permission to lament.  When we do so, that is, express our emotion to God, we are then able to once again praise God.  When anger is spent, poured out for God to hear, we have space within us for gratitude.  We praise God.  We are able to trust once again. The psalms always end with gratitude, with trust in God.  They remind us of all the positive things that have happened in our lives.  Life will improve as it has in the past.


Pray with the psalms.  Discover their relevance for your situation today.  Blessings this Lenten season.