Mary, sister of Martha and Lazarus, pours ointment over Jesus’ feet.  Her heart is a mixture of love and sorrow.  Pouring both over his feet, she shows us the way to express deep gratitude to the One who has redeemed us.  Not all understand such expressions of vulnerability.  ‘That money would have helped hundreds of hungry people!’  The ointment could have been sold for a price equivalent to a year’s salary.  Nonetheless, Mary will always be associated with this generous expression of love for our Lord.  We are tempted to carefully count the cost of our gifts, our discipleship.  She does not.  She offers us a model for discipleship.  Mary is the one who sits and listens for the good news at Jesus’ feet, the very feet she anoints.  Mary realizes the importance of time with God even though there is always much work to do in the kitchen and in the kingdom.  Perhaps all we can say is that we are glad that Jesus knew such love, such adoration, before others reject and destroy him.  Knowing the power of such tenderness, may we find it in ourselves.