Get Involved! Make a Difference.  Every day good, positive, social outreach happens through

All Saints’, Downtown Windsor.  I invite you to give me a call or pop in Sunday morning at 10 a.m.

Your time and energy can make a difference in people’s lives and we can help you find a way to

do that. 


Free Tuesday mornings?  Every Tuesday 9 am to Noon, volunteers help people in need ‘shop’ for

clothing they need.  No cost to the shopper. Much of the clothing is donated by churches, schools,

businesses, maybe even your neighbours!  Some we purchase with the helps of a grant from

Bell Canada.  Would you like to help us provide homeless men and women with clean underwear,

mitts, socks, caps?  Come.  Help someone have a better day. 


Once a month, volunteers pick up seniors who need help getting to church.  We worship together

and pray for healing.  Other volunteers cook a hot meal for all gathered.  Lonely people light up

as they visit with someone they have not seen for a month or so.  Would you like to be part of that



All Saints’ lends skates to people who cannot afford skates right now. With the help of donations

from across the city, we have all sizes of skates, some helmets for safety, and in the winter,

volunteer hockey and skating coaches offer free skating lessons for children on Saturday mornings.

After a fun skate, our clientele come in for a hot bowl of soup and other nutritious food.  We thank Bob Reauume Sports, National Sports, Blades ProShop, Nantais Source for Sports, and Maximum Edge for keeping our skates sharpened at no cost.  Wow!  Like to skate, cook, or help new Canadians lace up their first pair of skates?? 


So many wonderful opportunities exist at All Saints’ allowing you to make the world a better place – right

here in Downtown Windsor.


Give me a call.  Coffee is on.