Join together with “The Sent: God’s Church Deployed” as we study God’s Word and how it engages our lives. Sessions will be held onsite (restricted to 10 people per site maximum due to COVID regulations) at All Saints Downtown with Rev Robert, St James Roseland with Rev Sharla and St Andrew’s Harrow with Rev Elise. Simultaneously, the sessions will be “ZOOM-ed” online by Rev Paul both to and from the onsite locations to wherever your screen takes you.
A special thank you goes to Rev Elise who will be taking the leadership of this topic during our inaugural “hybrid” Bible Study sessions.
You can join us onsite or online at the same time as we study together no matter where you are!
Contact our “registrar”, Rev Sharla to sign up or to ask more questions at [email protected] or connect directly with one of our team of rectors.
The link to the Facebook event is here: