Dear curious Christians,

As I am hoping you will have already gleaned, the study group that was scheduled for Tuesday evenings in Lent has been suspended on orders from Bishop Todd Townshend.
These extraordinary times are calling us to extraordinary ways of being church. Below you will find the materials that I would have used for our group session tonight. I invite you to use them for reflection and for deepening your faith.
Step 2 – reflection questions
1. Where do you feel most at home?
2. Where does shelter show up in the life and liturgy of your worshiping community? How does shelter help you tell the Story?
3. Brother Geoffrey says, “When we try to settle too much in our lives, we can forget that we’re actually on a journey and that we’re called to be a pilgrim people.” When has God been with you on a journey? 
4. Who are the people in your community that need shelter? Is this need being met? How does your worshiping community meet this need?
Step 3 – consider the “Weekly Practice”

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Step 4 – The SSJE live discussion

Sign in for the live discussion tonight at 7pm. Please see the link below.

Please do feel free to reach out to me by the contact methods below to discuss anything you discover.

Download the worksheet here: Shelter Work Sheet.